Hockey Player Pulling Tooth Out (Video)
It is the middle of the week, time to get over that hump. Here is something to help you do that, because after you see just how tough a hockey player is, you may think twice about complaining that it is only Wednesday.
Testicle Eating Fish Found In Illinois Lake
Forget about Piranha's,  there's a more dangerous species of fish towards man and it has been found in Illinois Lake Lou Yeager.  This type of fish is called a Pacu and it eats testicles, well ok maybe not testicles but nuts.
Steven Tyler Paraguay Incident Update [Video]
Yesterday I blogged about Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler being hospitalized after falling in the shower and injuring his face and knocking out two of his teeth. It caused a one day delay in their show in Paraguay's capital city, Asuncion. Their show was rescheduled for last night, and today Ty…