teenage mutant ninja turtles

My Childhood is Invincible (Video NSFW)
I see a lot of articles, blogs, pictures, and videos that are meant to ruin my childhood. Fortunately, my childhood is invincible and cannot be tainted by people on the internet who think they are clever.
“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2″ In Albany?!
Another car chase for a major motion picture will be shot in Albany. How many of you from the Capital Region sat through Salt just so you could say; "There's Albany!" Here is your second chance to do so, and this time you can show the kids because they will be shooti…
Today Is Michelangelo’s Birthday
He painted a ceiling, sculpted naked statues, he can fight like a ninja and he is a party dude who loves pizza. Today is Michelangelo's birthday, so I think we should try to do all these things at once. Only then will you truly appreciate what it means to be a hero in a half-shell.

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