Tech Tuesday

Tech Tuesday – Square Your Yourself Up
Lets say you're friend owes you $20, and you need the money. You meet up with him and ask if he has the $20 he owes you. He says he has it in his account but not in cash and needs to go to an ATM. But wait! You pull out your iPhone of Android phone, and connect your Square and can swipe his Cre…
Tech Tuesday – Numi Luxury Toilet
Heated seat, feet warmer and ambient lighting are just a few of the features of this new toilet called the Numi from Kohler. You can feel like the #1 Geek while you do your #2.
Tech Tuesday – 50th Anniversary of Manned Space Flight
It was 50 years ago today that man first successfully ventured into outer space. Yuri Gagarin, a Russian pilot and cosmonaut, was the first man to complete an orbit. He instantly became a world wide celebrity and kicked the Cold War and space race, into overdrive.
Tech Tuesday – Gamestop Is In a Shopping Mood
Even casual gamers like me keep an eye on the gaming news simply because you never know when Duke Nukem Forever is going to FINALLY come out. But I also like to see when new and interesting online games, like my beloved Quake Live, hit the internet for all to play. Now it looks like game retailer Ga…
Tech Tuesday – Roll Your Own Android Tablet
Tablet "computers" are the new fashionable rage in the tech world right now. Everyone wants one of those mobile computing beauties for getting work done or just surfing the web. Here's a way you can turn a plain old Nook e-reader device into an Android based tablet.
Tech Tuesday – Netflix Gets Original
If you're a Netflix user like me, you know you can enjoy a lot of movies and TV shows that are available on DVD to rent or buy. And the convenience of Netflix makes it easy to watch them for a low price each month. Now, Netflix is shifting gears and could change the face of entertainment.
Tech Tuesday – The Internet Survives the Japanese Quake
Redundancy was built into the Internet from the start. It's primary purpose was to survive a nuclear attack and keep information flowing. And is has done this many times during past disasters, and the Japanese earthquake is no exception. In fact, in a matter of a few hours it was back up to nor…
Tech Tuesday – From Dos 5 to Windows 7 in 10 minutes
The Windows operating system is over 30 years old. In those 30 years, Windows has had it's share of innovations and setbacks. Sometimes it's been a big convoluted mess. This video shows someone who, using virtual machine software, upgrades a virtual PC starting with Dos 5 and going through…
Tech Tuesday – Build Your Own Watson Computer
I’m sure many geeks out there watched the game show Jeopardy as Watson, a computer cluster built by IBM, took on and wiped the walls with two Jeopardy champions. I found it amazing and wanted to know if I could build my own Watson. I can, and here’s how you can too.
Tech Tuesday – Sony Sues Hacker, Gets His PS3 (Updated)
George Hotz, aka geohot, was one of the many people who worked on the jailbreak for the Apple iPhone, which allows iPhone owners to load apps and software on the phone not approved for the iTunes App Store. He’s now hacked the Playstation 3 and Sony is not pleased. Sony has posted a …
Tech Tuesday – The Internet is Running Out of Addresses
For some time now, the engineers who run the internet have been saying that we are running out of IP addresses. IP addresses are how computers are identified on the internet and we are able to go to webpages. This past week, the last of the addresses ran out. What are we going to do now?