Taylor Swift

A Very Important Good News Bad News
Good News: This episode of Good News Bad News is very important, so important that I have to repeat the title.
Bad News: I do not want to read the comments of this very important Good News Bad News.
The Pop Culture Conspiracy (Video)
DJ Supreme thinks that I'm crazy! I think that I am on to something and I am making 'them' nervous, because I have been saying it for years: this is how they collectively 'dumb it down' sad part is that it works.
Predictions For 2016 (VIDEO)
I wanted to find reliable source, that would predict 2016 without an objective, I wanted a non-biased influence, to guide me into the future.
I feel like I can see the future now, it is all coming to me, so clearly, that I feel like I can reach out and take a handful of the future, and stuff it in my…
Taylor Swift Wardrobe Malfunction [VIDEO]
Looks like even good girl Taylor Swift can be a victim of a wardrobe malfunction.  Her's isn't has bad as ones in the past, but still happened in front of a huge crowd so it was no doubt embarrassing.
Taylor Swift Covers Eminem Song [VIDEO]
Just when I thought I have heard every possible mash up between artists covering each other's tunes or doing a collaboration, I stumbled upon this video of  21 year old country starlette, Taylor Swift, covering a song by rapper Eminem.   Really!?  Take a gander: