Taylor Swift

A Very Important Good News Bad News
Good News: This episode of Good News Bad News is very important, so important that I have to repeat the title.
Bad News: I do not want to read the comments of this very important Good News Bad News.
The Pop Culture Conspiracy (Video)
DJ Supreme thinks that I'm crazy! I think that I am on to something and I am making 'them' nervous, because I have been saying it for years: this is how they collectively 'dumb it down' sad part is that it works.
Predictions For 2016 (VIDEO)
I wanted to find reliable source, that would predict 2016 without an objective, I wanted a non-biased influence, to guide me into the future.
I feel like I can see the future now, it is all coming to me, so clearly, that I feel like I can reach out and take a handful of the future, and stuff it in my…
Feminist Taylor Swift Is Everything You Want It to Be
Do you secretly love Taylor Swift, but keep your love hidden because liking her lyrics makes you deeply, deeply ashamed? Twitter profile Feminist Taylor Swift is just the thing for you. They just take a Taylor Swift lyric and tack a feminist button onto it.
Taylor Swift Wardrobe Malfunction [VIDEO]
Looks like even good girl Taylor Swift can be a victim of a wardrobe malfunction.  Her's isn't has bad as ones in the past, but still happened in front of a huge crowd so it was no doubt embarrassing.
Taylor Swift Covers Eminem Song [VIDEO]
Just when I thought I have heard every possible mash up between artists covering each other's tunes or doing a collaboration, I stumbled upon this video of  21 year old country starlette, Taylor Swift, covering a song by rapper Eminem.   Really!?  Take a gander: