Do You Regret Your Tattoo?
On The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show today, the guys played a clip about a Detroit Lions fan (not me) who got a tattoo on one of his calves that said "Detroit Lions 2015 Super Bowl Champions." The man now regrets his tattoo.
Free Beer & Hot Wings …
World’s Coolest Tattoo [PHOTO]
The bar has definitely been raised in the tattoo game. Walking around with an optical illusion on your arm is almost like being a half human half fun house hybrid, or something like that.
30 Worst Rock Tattoos of All Time [Watch]
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10 Extreme Patriotic Tattoos
With July 4th coming up, a lot of us are getting in the patriotic spirit with firework GIFs and festive food. But you know what? Celebrating 'merica doesn't only have to happen once every July. These people are showing off their patriotism year round!

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