The Hate File
On this episode of The Generation X Files: Tatiana and I sit down with man behind our custom music Chris Laplante and local film maker Kyle Kleege, to rant, rave and vent about our frustrations in regards to life, the world and other things.
A Possible Change Coming for All Those Who Work for Tips
A new change could be coming for all of you hard workers out there who work in a field where you get tips.  According to the Times Union, Governor Cuomo announced this weekend that he will be holding a series of hearings in 2018 regarding the pay for those who work for tips...
A Rock Girl’s Top 5 Holiday Rock Songs
I've been torn on whether or not to do a "top list" post, as there are so many great ones circulating on the internet around the holidays and as the New Year approaches.  However, as I got ready to celebrate Christmas Eve today, standing in my bathroom with my hair half-saturated with purp…