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Taco Bell’s Meat – What’s Really In It?
It has long been thought that the meat used in Taco Bell's food was either the lowest grade possible or not even meat at all. The company went 'on the record' with a commercial series in 2011 to explain that their meat is actually meat. But what's in that meat? We have the answer…
Taco Bell Breakfast
The stars have aligned and all the worlds children will dance together for one glorious moment on March 27th, as Taco Bell realizes our collective dreams. Third meal, fourth meal, and other halfling eating habits will now be properly observed, as Taco Bell will soon be serving breakfast...
Deep-fried Cheese-Stuffed Doritos
Doritos is like the nectar of the Gods for most guys (and gals), but how can you make it better?
Well, Taco Bell stepped up their game with the Doritos line of taco shells that have since gone on to sell millions upon millions. Now, the nacho cheese giant has teamed up with 7-Eleven for an even chees…
A New Doritos Locos Taco Is Coming
It all started with the original Doritos Locos taco at Taco Bell. An everyday taco that just happened to be in a nacho cheese flavored shell. The technology was amazing and some thought it could never be topped...THEY WERE WRONG.
Bacon Taco Shell – I’m Officially In Heaven
Taco Bell unleashed the Doritos Los Taco last year and every stoner went crazy. Rumor has it that later this year we will see a Cool Ranch Doritos Taco from the Bell. Well, they have some competition now as PYT in Philly now has the Bacon Taco Shell.

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