The Death and Return Of Superman Explained [VIDEO]
Any of you who are major comic nerds like me know that we were thrown for a loop in the 90's when DC decided to kill Superman.  It reality, it was just a way to sell comic books, but as illustrated by this video it meant so much more.  DC's biggest downfall in that whole situation?  Bringing Superma…
Superman Comic Book Sells For Over Two Million Dollars [VIDEO]
Superman crushes the competition once again -  this time, in an auction house.  Remember reading comic books as a kid?  I'm sure you dropped your allowance on a Batman #497 back in 1993 when Bane broke his back. Maybe you tucked away The Incredible Hulk #181 when Wolverine first appeared, thinking, …
DC Comics New 52 Trailer [VIDEO]
I have talked about the DC Comics relaunch before and even dropped some first look art work on the page as well.  Today I came across something a bit more interesting and that was a motion comic trailer that previews all the upcoming comics.  From the looks of it the characters are getting…
Michael Shannon To Play Villain In New Superman Movie
He's an award winner, Oscar nominee and is best known for his various roles, including his presence in Revolutionary Road, Vanilla Sky and Boardwalk Empire (HBO). Now, Michael Shannon will be able to add another role to his resume, as he has just been cast as the villain in the new Su…
Superman Casting Almost Complete
We know who is playing the Man of Steel, his dad and his mom and finally today we have gotten word that actress Amy Adams has been cast has the woman he loves, Lois Lane.
Superman Casting Continues
The part of Martha Kent was revealed earlier today and it looks like Diane Lane will be playing the part of Superman's adoptive mother.
Who Is Superman?
They have been talking about doing another Superman movie, one that would restart the franchise like 2005's Batman Begins.  It looks like they are finally moving forward now that they have cast British actor Henry Cavill as the man of steel.