The epic conclusion of the Dan America/Lauren Francesca Trilogy
In part 2 Lauren strikes back! If you watched part 1 and thought that I probably scared Lauren. You were wrong. Part 2 also proves that chicks dig a guy with a little Schnauzer. For some reason I can not post part 2 with the provided link, luckily its apart of the play list. So here is part 3! I gue…
Korn Superfan Interview
Marilee Sousie of  Troy was the Q103 KoRn Superfan.
She went on KoRn's bus and interviewed Munky when KoRn was at  Northern Lights May 6th.
Check out her interview and find out if she asked the tough question.
Three Days Grace Superfan Interview
Patti Rorick from Fultonville is the Q103 Three Days Grace Superfan.
She went backstage and interviewed the band when they came to the Times Union Center September 22nd