Madonna to Perform at Super Bowl XLVI Halftime Show?
Will Madonna finally perform at a NFL Super Bowl halftime show? Speculation is that she is the front runner to perform at Super Bowl XLVI, held in Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.  Nothing at this time has been confirmed and the NFL has yet to comment.
Plaxico Burress Signs With The Jets [VIDEO]
Superbowl XLII hero, Plaxico Burress, is back in the big apple.  However, he won't be playing for the team he won a ring with.  Burress inked a one year, three million seventeen thousand dollar contract with the New York Jets.
The Daytona 500
Today is the 53rd running of NASCAR's Super bowl event, The Daytona 500 and already some big news is coming from Florida.  Some things to watch for as forty-three of the best stock car drivers in the world compete in “The Great American Race.”
Football is OK, but I like E-Sports!
And so the day has come. The BIG game, which contrary to what you may read on the internet, is NOT named after me. But for many it's still going to be a great night. But for some like me, who are not big football fans it's a night for another kind of sport. E-Sport!
Black And Yellow, Black And Yellow, Black And Yellow
Alright, you know what it is.  Everything I do, I do it big.
It's black and yellow tonight vs. green and yellow.  Of course there was a green and yellow parody made from Wiz Khalifa's Black and Yellow song; but who's actually going to win it all?  Deh Deh Deh
Crazy Superbowl Bets
The Superbowl is finally here.  Kickoff will be around 6:30pm.  Who won the coin toss? Did they defer or not, whatever decision was made somebody bet on it and won or lost.  Here is a look at some of the crazy things one could bet on for the Superbowl.
A Super Pre Party
Where are you watching the big game on Sunday? Why not join Q103, the Q-Tease & Bud Light at Saratoga newest sports bar - Dango's located at 38 Caroline street.
Get A First Look At This Year’s Super Bowl Ads
This short news segment includes a glance at some of this year's Super bowl ads. Humor is still the main goal of the commercials, but some companies are trying to enhance that even more by using celebrities. Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber and Ozzy Osbourne are just a few who will …
Guru Picks The Winner for the Big Game
I'm by no means a football guru. When it comes to stats and picking a team, I defer to others with way more knowledge then me. recently I have found someone that has a proven record in picking the winning side. And he's a simple manager at a grocery store. Here's a video of his pick. …
Banned Superbowl Ad
Now that the Superbowl opponents are set, we get ready to see some very clever commercials during the game.  There are a few that have been banned.