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How To Win Your Office Super Bowl Grid
As much of a tradition as the Super Bowl is, there is also the tradition of the Super Bowl Office Pool.
Throw down a few dollars and get assigned your respective squares. When each quarter ends, someone is walking away with some cash. It all depends on where you end up in the gird or what score you g…
Madden 25 Predicts Super Bowl Winner
It's a yearly tradition, EA Sports uses their 'Madden NFL' game to attempt to predict the winner of the Super Bowl. According to the game maker, they have 'nailed' 8 of the last 10 Super Bowls. Will this year be another right prediction?
Most Watched Super Bowl For The Ads
It's a tradition that many of us can't remember when it started, but the Super Bowl just isn't about the big game anymore - it's about the ads too!
Each year, companies dump millions upon millions of dollars for ad placement during the big game. And each year, many who don't …
Super Bowls Ads – Do They Actually Sell Anything?
We're just weeks away from the Super Bowl and what many people are looking forward to the most isn't the game, but the commercials.
Each year businesses shell out millions upon millions of dollars to have their ads played during the biggest game of the year; that's not counting what they spend to pro…
Best Memes Featuring Unflattering Beyonce Pose
Back on Monday, Buzzfeed release several unflattering photos of Beyonce from her Super Bowl Halftime performance. Beyonce's managers contacted the site to remove those photos but it was already too late.
Fans got a hold of said photos and now they are taking the internet by storm in meme from. H…

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