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In 370 Days The Detroit Lions Will Win The Super Bowl
I called the play that cost the Seahawks the Super Bowl. I am a solider from the future, I was sent back in time from the year 2016. February 8th 2016. The Detroit Lions have just won the Super Bowl and in the 2015 - 2016 NFL season, the New England Patriots were suspended from the league for cheati…
Who Is Going To Win Super Bowl XLIX?
The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show is live from Phoenix, Arizona, for Super Bowl XLIX. Is it just me, or should this years Super Bowl be called National Lampoon's Animal House Super Bowl?
Those Lovable Characters The Seattle Seahawks
Meanwhile at the Hall of Boom! The Seattle Seahawks hatch their evil plot to steal the spot light at Super Bowl XLIX. The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show is live from Phoenix Arizona, making you laugh, just like Marshawn Lynch. With his amazing press conferences.
For The Game Or For The Commercials? That Is The Question.
Not everyone at your Super Bowl party will be there to watch the game. They may show up for the food, or the social atmosphere, which is always kind of annoying for football fans. There is nothing like hearing a loud conversation about being pregnant, knitting or something that woman who don't watch…
Who Do We Really Want At The Halftime Show?
I hate Katy Perry. In my opinion there has not been a Super Bowl Halftime Show worth watching in years. There was that one year when the WWE had the Foley vs The Rock at halftime on a different station, but that does not really count. Watching the Puppy Bowl or the Kitty Bowl at halftime does not co…
It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!
The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show is live from Phoenix, Arizona at the sight of this years Super Bowl! Yesterday I got into the Super Bowl spirit and shared my favorite Super Bowl, that was when the Giants spoiled the Patriots perfect season. Today I am talking about the best thing about th…

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