Bikini Chick Dancing In Traffic Makes Me Long For Summer
Ohhhhhhh, the weather outside is frightful but the cold is so... Man, this cold weather blows doesn't it? The temp right now is -2 and dreams of Summer are rushing through my brain like that first time I tried mushrooms. What? Moving on moving on.
Bible Camp Fart Spray Prank Sends Six To Hospital
There are three things bible campers are good at, boondoggle, fart spray pranks and feeling guilty. According to a story from the daily mail 6 teenagers had to be sent to the hospital when a prank went a tad bit wrong. One camper had a bottle of “Liquid Ass” and sprayed i…
Oreo Gets New Flavor – Watermelon.
Seems like that somebody has to always mess with a good thing and try to "improve" what is already proven. Don't believe me? Target has released their "summer exclusive" flavor of Oreo cookies and it's Watermelon.
Mosquitoes Genetically Engineered To Not Favor Humans
With summer right around the corner, mosquito season looms. I'm sure if you didn't already know, then you could have guessed that mosquitoes favor human blood over some other animals. It has something to do with the carbon dioxide we breath out...
Whiteface Mountain Welcomed Summer With Three Feet Of Snow
The unofficial start to Summer wasn't exactly that, was it? Essentially, in the Albany Area, it rained all weekend with the beauty of sun and warm temps setting in on Monday. Of course, that was the last day of our holiday weekend, so yeah- Last weekend was a bust. Let me just say, it could hav…

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