Advice For Single Parents: Summer Visit
So, the little guy will be here in a few days. Yeah, he's staying for the summer and I'm pretty stoked, yet really nervous. And it's not like this is new, he was up last summer. The reason for my nerves?
Jimmy Fallon Reads Worst Summer Job Tweets [Video]
Summer jobs can be great, or they can be really crappy.
Not everyone gets the dream lifeguard gig, where you get to sit in the sun all day, work on your tan and chase tail around the local pool. Some people have to do actual physical labor, while sweating their balls off and hardly making any money.
Sunscreen You Can Drink
It's summertime which means it's time to lather up in sunscreen in hopes of not getting burned. The spray version feels sticky and the lotion can feel like a thick film on your skin. What if there was an easier way for you to get sun protection? What if all you had to do was drink it?
Surprise Summer Events Planned For Troy [VIDEO]
'Everything's bigger and better this year' in Troy with 'special surprises you're gonna have to actually come up to Power's Park to find out about' said Vito Ciccarelli, special events coordinator, which leads me to believe that Troy will be the new place to h…

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