A Night with Sully
"So if music is nothing more than vibrations, do we hear music, or do we feel it? And why does it effect us emotionally if all it is is simple vibrations. That's the miracle of music.  It's an energy so powerful, it can take you back to a time and place where you first heard …
Monte’s Favorite Q-Ruption 2012 Moment
Q-Ruption 2012 was INSANE!  It's hard to pick one moment from a 12  hour rock show and say - that was the moment that made my night.  However, there was a spot in the show where I had to stop, turn to the guys and yell HOLY POOP (I did not say poop) THAT ROCKED!  Check out m…
Godsmack Performs At Q-Ruption 2012 [GALLERY]
On the main stage at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Godsmack has performed as a part of Q-Ruption 2012. This is the band's second straight year as a Q-Ruption performer, as they headlined the concert last year. This year, they put on another great show.
Mrozek’s Top 5 From Godsmack
With Godsmack being the headliner for our Q-Ruption, let's rip through my top 5 from Sully and boys. A hundred to one says you'll never guess what my favorite one is!