Producer Joe in Drag in Nashville
On Friday after our live show with 102.9 The Buzz in Nashville, Producer Joe spent an hour and a half in the makeup chair being made into a woman for his latest stunt.
"The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show" wanted to send him out on the street dressed as a woman to see how…
Helicopter Bottle Opener [VIDEO]
China has seriously just raised the bar in the bottle opening game. “oh what’s that bro, you opened your beer with your flip flop? That’s cute because my home boy in china here is popping tops with his chopper left and right.
Guy Jumps Off Bridge, Gets Ultimate Wedgie [NSFW Video]
The show Jackass lead the way for idiots around the US to try and gain fame via stupid, absurd stunts. Don't get me wrong, all three movies were great and the TV show was as well.
With that said, for some reason people are still trying to find ways to top the antics of Johnny Knoxville…
Man Drinks A Bottle Of Vodka In 15 Seconds
‘Shoenice22′ is a YouTube star who consumes strange products, like a bottle of sunscreen, or normal products in a strange manner, like a dozen raw eggs and shells. In his latest video, ShoeNice drinks a bottle of vodka in 15 seconds. Watch (and don’t try this at home or e…
Guy Leaps Speeding Minibike in Single Bound [VIDEO]
One man risks serious injury to his groin and other delicate areas by jumping over a speeding minibike heading straight toward him. Perhaps the most notable thing about the video, however, is how silly his accomplice looks driving around on the tiny two-wheeler. Watch a potentially dangerous minibik…

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