Giant Tarantula In The Q103 Studio [PHOTO]
This is totally a tarantula, right? Like Buzz from Home Alone would totally try to feed me to this thing if he ever got mad at me, right? I know I’m not going crazy this is the sickest arachnid I have seen ever!
Buckcherry Working on New Album for 2012 [VIDEO]
There is no rest for Buckcherry.  They back are in the studio hard at work on their fifth studio album, set for release in 2012.  The band has also recently announced a tour that makes a stop at Northern Lights in Clifton Park on May 21st.
Machine Head Gives Tour Of Green Day’s Recording Studio [VIDEO]
Heavy Metal band Machine Head has a new album on the way this month and are giving their fans a pretty cool tour of where they made that album.  They just happened to record it at JingleTown Studios, which is owned by Green Day.  A lot of musicians have recorded in the Oakland, CA based st…

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