My Favorite Stories of 2016 (Video)
2016 has not been a happy year for a lot of people unless you're a Trump supporter, there've been many depressing stories and many celebrity deaths that made a lot of people very sad, but there were some good stories to come out of 2016.
Do You Regret Your Tattoo?
On The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show today, the guys played a clip about a Detroit Lions fan (not me) who got a tattoo on one of his calves that said "Detroit Lions 2015 Super Bowl Champions." The man now regrets his tattoo.
Free Beer & Hot Wings …
American Pizza Delivery Horror Stories Wanted
The first hour of Free Beer & Hot Wings this morning was a "best of" segment where pizza delivery guys called in with their crazy stories about the most interesting customers. Not all were pizza delivery guys, none were any type of delivery woman. Most import…
2-Sentence Horror Stories That Will Creep You Out [VIDEO]
Ready to get creeped out?
There's this list of two-sentence creepy-a$$ horror stories that are floating around the web. Some are bland and others make you think. I have to be honest, I woke up from a creepy dream last night thanks to one of the 'stories.'