Stephen King

‘IT’ Is Now the Biggest September Release in History
It is the adrenaline rush the box office sorely needed after a summer that could accurately be described as “pretty bad” — the new take on Stephen King’s doorstop of a novel is the best horror opening ever, the highest single-day box office for an R-rated movie, the lowes…
Stand By Me Film Cast Reunites
It has been 25 long years since we've seen the original cast of  Rob Reiner's take on a Stephen King Novel, the 1986 classic, Stand By Me, come together.   The fellas gathered at the Falcon Theater in Toluca Lake, California, just in time for the 25th anniversary DVD availab…
Playboy Magazine Looking for Librarian
Playboy looking for librarians isn't anything new, but they generally aren't looking for male librarians. It isn't often that an opportunity to work for Playboy Magazine occurs and it makes me wish I had a degree in library science.