This Will Wake You Up In The Morning [VIDEO]
A special treat from The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show, if you're having trouble rolling out of bed. You do not need coffee or tea, you need to watch this video and imagine that the clumps of spiders are falling off the ceiling and into your bed.
Giant Tarantula In The Q103 Studio [PHOTO]
This is totally a tarantula, right? Like Buzz from Home Alone would totally try to feed me to this thing if he ever got mad at me, right? I know I’m not going crazy this is the sickest arachnid I have seen ever!
Mustache Bursts Into Thousands Of Spiders!
If you see something that looks like someone’s mustache has fallen off, run! This is the worst result you could think of.
Help me David Arquette! Please someone call Jeff Daniels, Harley Jane Kozak, John Goodman or somebody who knows how to handle this situation!