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Danielle Harris or Joanna Krupa: Pump or Dump? [POLL]
We kick off this week with Danielle Harris having a scream-a-licious good time because there is zero wrong with hot chicks who scream ;-) in movies or on stage, right?  See, Danielle, she's been hammering the competition in this little poll we call 'Pump or Dump'.
Go Over The Edge with Q-Tease Stephanie
Don't look down, or perhaps we should say look up! All day Friday 100 participants will be rappelling 18 stories to the ground off Hotel Albany in Downtown Albany to benefit Special Olympics.  One of the participates that will be going 'Over The Edge' is one of our very own Q-Tea…
Over The Edge Charity To Benefit Special Olympics of New York
If you see people repelling down the Crowne Plaza building in downtown Albany it’s all for a good cause – “Over The Edge” and it all  benefits Special Olympics New York. If heights aren’t your thing there are ways you can participate by sponsoring one of the repelling participants. Check out all the…