Worst Christmas Songs Of All Time – BJ’s Picks
Christmas time brings us some of our favorite songs, and at the same time drops some pretty big turds on us. I'll never understand how some of them get played every single year, but there must be some jerk out there that likes these songs. I'm glad the days of every pop singer in the wor…
Halloween Playlist – BJ’s Picks
If you are getting ready for Halloween then you are going to need some kick ass music to go along with the celebration. Lucky for you I have some great Halloween songs picked out just for the occasion. Some holiday staples, some wildcard picks and some that are just plain creepy...
BJ’s Favorite Hurricane Themed Songs
With Irene on the way you are bound to hear some songs that are talking about Hurricanes. Here is hoping that the big part of the storm misses us, but if it doesn't, here is a pretty sweet soundtrack.
Best Rock Cover Songs [VIDEOS]
It's always a pretty ballsy move when an artist tries to tackle a song by a fellow musician.  It's even better when they do it so well they knock it out of the park.
Guilty Pleasure Songs
You know those songs that come on, and if you are alone you'll crank it up.  If you're not, you change it as quick as possible before you start to get a look from your buddies.  We all have them, and we know every single word.
Sexiest Songs–Q103 Style
Free Beer & Hot Wings began counting down Billboards list of the sexiest songs ever.  Hearing that list did not make me think "sexy".  So I have put together a list of the sexiest songs, according to us here at Q103.