Is There A Back To School Song? (Video)
I know that the Rodney Dangerfield movie 'Back to School' has it's own theme song,it's written and performed by Jude Cole.
I thought it was by Danny Elfman, but I was wrong, Danny Elfman wrote the score to the movie. Fun Fact: Elfman's band Oingo Boingo is the band playing in…
Your 4th Of July Rock Playlist [VIDEOS]
I know the day is more than half over, but for most of you the fun is just beginning. Once the kiddies and their underage friends leave the party, yours is just beginning, so break out the beer and other adult beverages and enjoy some good ole' American fourth of July rock songs.
Sevendust And Device: New Songs Available For Streaming
Picture a circle diagram where the two intersect in the middle and have a handful of similarities. This is what we have here and it pertains to music. On one side we have Sevendust and the other, Device. These two bands have almost nothing in common but that middle portion- they each have new songs …
Seether’s Number 1’s [VIDEO]
Seether was the number one rock artist in 2011 and is probably well on its way to be the number one rock artist of 2012 as well.  Currently the band has six number one singles in its career with 'Fine Again', 'Remedy', 'Fake it', 'Rise Above This', 'Tonight' and 'Country Song'.  Will 'No Resolution'…

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