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People Are Checking Facebook While Getting It On
We live in a social that is 'attached at the hip' to technology. Our phones have become nearly a personal computer in the palm of our hands, we can do literally everything with it.
Sadly, some people don't know how to put down the phone even in the most intimate of time.
Facebook: An Honest Look-back Movie
To celebrate Facebook turning 10-years-old earlier this week, the site offered to make you a 'Facebook movie' looking back on your activity since you've joined. Complete with sappy music and your photos.
Let's be honest, some of the 'monumental moments' weren't real…
New App Figures Out Which Facebook Friends Hate You
Let's be honest for a second; Out of all your "friends" on Facebook, how many are actually people you can't stand or hate? Do you keep them as "friends" just to keep tabs on them?
If you've ever wanted to know if the feeling was mutual, there's …
Social Media Guide for Food Truck Festival
If you're going to be at our first ever Food Truck Festival happening this Saturday (5/4) in Troy, NY, we want you to Tweet, Instagram, Facebook, Foursquare, flickr, and more with us! Here's a complete guide for the fest including our hashtag for the day and the Twitter handles for a bunch of the tr…

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