Over 70 Dead In Egyption Soccer Riot [VIDEO]
Soccer is taken pretty serious over seas, but things got out of hand quickly this week at a soccer game in Egypt between a couple of heated rivals.  When the one team won, the other teams fans decided to trap people inside and start a massive riot.  Some of them were armed with knives or worse, and …
Soccer Announcer Has Orgasm After Goal Is Scored [VIDEO]
I know that soccer is pretty over seas, but soccer play by play guy Ray Hudson may like the sport just a little bit too much.  On Sunday Barcelona took on Malaga and when Lionel Messi scored a goal that made him the top scorer in the soccer league La Liga Hudson proceeded to scream as if he were hit…
US Loses World Cup – Alex Morgan Wins My Heart
I'm not really into soccer, but when it comes time for the World Cup for both the men and women I am usually watching.  This year was awesome for the US women, but they fall short to Japan for the title.  I did however develop a small crush on team USA forward Alex Morgan.
Taking Calls During The Game
Watch as this guy talks on his cell phone during a match and runs over to make a play (or tackle.) I don’t speak German, but I’m pretty sure that his team mate is giving him an earful afterwards. I would too. Sometimes, you need to just turn that damn thing …
Soccer Ref Loses Wig
Dude tries to make a good play to inbound the ball but catches the ref in the side of the head with it instead causing his toupee to fly off.  Unfortunate, but still hilarious.