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Snoop Lion Takes on Santa in Epic Rap Battle
When Santa found out he was going up against Snoop Dogg, er, Snoop Lion in a rap battle, did he soil his red, velvety pants? Snoop Lion agreed to an 'Epic Rap Battle of History,' donned a robe, and played the part of Moses for this video.
Is Snoop Dogg The Latest ‘Price Is Right’ Model? [VIDEO]
Imagine you are at home watching everyone's favorite day time game show, The Price Is Right.  No Bob Barker anymore, but Drew Carey does his best.  The models are still beautiful and the prizes still great.  You know you'll see some crazy contestants, but I bet you would nev…
Snoop Dogg Wants Hip Hop American Idol
Not only does he want it, but he wants to own the show and is trying to sell it. With all these other ‘talent search’ shows, why not? The New York Post reports that Snoop has been pitching the show and is 0 for 3, but MTV and E! may have some interest.