Bring Back Pangaea Podcast: Episode 02
Here is your absolute proof that this world we call Earth is falling apart. There is countless horrific news stories that I bring to light and it’s up to you to realize the truth. The truth is this world can be fixed and the only solution is to bring back Pangaea!
Snakes On A Plane Delays Flight Over Night
Everyone thought that Samuel Jackson movie was a big joke. Well I got news for you people, that movie was less of a film and more of a survival guide for real life situations. Snakes on a plan are very real and now these people in Australia have been heavily affected by them...
Do Snakes Make Good Pets? [POLL]
When you think of snakes, a warm fuzzy loving pet isn't the first thing that comes to mind.   That doesn't stop millions of people from taking them home as pets all the time.  So do they make good pets?