This Common Thing Just Got Banned in Areas of New York State!
There's a new ban in areas of New York State!...Public indoor areas that is.  As reported by the New York Times, Governor Cuomo just gave his approval on Monday to ban electronic cigarettes in any area where cigarettes are banned.  That's right, anywhere cigarettes are prohi…
Vermont Votes To Not Raise Smoking Age
The subject of raising the minimum smoking age to 21 isn't something new, many states have been tackling the issue including Vermont. The Green Mountain State recently sat down and voted on to raise or keep it at 18.
Two States Vote To Raise Their Smoking Age To 21
Although they just legalized marijuana, Colorado joins Utah in the fight to make 21 the allotted age to purchase cigarettes. The legal age across the U.S. to purchase and drink alcohol is 21, so why are only two states considering the age increase for tobacco? Is this a good idea?

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