What Street Sign Have you Stolen? (Video)
I have never stolen anything because I'm an American who tries to lead by example, but it does not work. People steal street signs all the time, I have heard many stories from people who are very proud to have stolen a street sign.
Stripper Magician For Kids?
This is either completely harmless or a typo of the most offensive event ever to be put on a calendar. Recently I was in Milford, CT catching some beach action and eating chowder when I noticed this event posted above. The restaurant I was eating at had an events calendar and the date of July 30th c…
11 Signs You’re Drinking Too Much Coffee
There are few people who can’t get through their busy day without a cup of strong black coffee. It gets the blood moving, make your brain work faster and keeps you from falling down face first at your desk in a puddle of your own drool.
The Best Signs In The World [Photos]
I found the best website ever- It features signs from all over the world that are weird, funny, misunderstood, etc. Above are just a fraction of the hundreds of signs that are posted on the website by the people that snap the photos. Read on for more information.
New Zodiac Signs
They're saying that the zodiac signs have shifted, and in fact the Western world has been using the wrong signs for years.  Has your sign changed?