It’s Thrift Shop Day!
If you have never gone thrifting, then you don't know what you're missing, because you never know what kind of gem you will find at a Thrift Shop.
Grocery Shopping On Meth, Cause There Isn’t Any Other Way [VIDEO]
I want to kick this off with: I'm not a fan of low low prices, smiley face signs, or any business that goes out of their way to ruin local flavor. In other words, I despise Walmart and everything it stands for. I will spend many-a-dollars to avoid that place. That's me though. You on the o…
Grandma Goes H.A.M At Walmart [VIDEO]
Give her one of those refills now!!!!! Seven words you may have heard coming from a lovely lady at Walmart in Arkansas, assuming you were in the same Wally World as this crazy lady. None the less, something tells me this lady is missing out on her favorite script of pain meds? Maybe she needs that f…
Robotic Mannequins Are Being Used to Spy on Shoppers
If you ever get a creepy feeling that the mannequins in the department store are watching you, you just might be right. Some fashion brands are now using mannequins equipped with technology used to identify criminals at airports to watch shoppers at their stores.

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