Ten Sharks Found in the Pool of a Hudson Valley Home
So much for hanging out in the pool and enjoying a good time!
According to a news article by the Times Union, 7 live and 3 dead sharks were found in the basement pool of a home in New York's Hudson Valley.  Not one shark (which would be bizarre enough)...
Dude Surfing On A Giant Shark [VIDEO]
Post by Smiley Faces.
Is this most likely a fake video? Yeah probably. But so what? It's Shark Week and I’m stoked and love things like this. I love that this video exists, regardless if it is real or not.
Five Awesome Shark Videos [VIDEO]
In honor of the kick off of Shark week here are five awesome shark related videos. Which one is the best? That’s for you to decide. Also we recommend you are watching especially right before you enter the ocean.
Warning: Some videos my be too graphic for the squeamish...

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