‘Sharknado 3′ Is Coming: Batten Down the Hatches!
In the grand tradition of 'The Godfather,' 'Star Wars' and 'Back to the Future,' Syfy ordered a 'Sharknado 3' because you just can't do an epic proper justice unless you make it into a trilogy, thus cementing (or forcefully trying to demand by default) it…
‘Sharknado 2: The Second One’ Coming To Syfy In July
Last year the made-for-television movie Sharnado was a huge success both in ratings and on social media. Because of this, like with anything in Hollywood that is remotely successful, a sequel is in the works. We now know who will star and when it will be hitting the airwaves on Syfy.
#SharkNado Is Coming To Albany Theaters
On July 11th the world bared witness to the horror that was SharkNado. The SyFy channel had huge social media scores thanks in part to how bad the acting was and the overall premise of the movie. It was so popular that SharkNado 2 is in the works, this time hitting New York City.
That's not the only …
SharkNado Sequel In The Works; Confirmed [Update]
It's been nearly a week since SharkNado was a huge hit on social media with the SyFY Channel premiere of the movie. Since then, the internet has been a buzz about the horribly horrible B-movie and if there will be a sequel - We now have that answer.