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Dude Surfing On A Giant Shark [VIDEO]
Post by Smiley Faces.
Is this most likely a fake video? Yeah probably. But so what? It's Shark Week and I’m stoked and love things like this. I love that this video exists, regardless if it is real or not.
Shark Week Drinking Game!
Everyone's favorite time of the year for television is here; SHARK WEEK.
Sure, watching sharks on TV for an entire week can be fun but how you can you make it a little more funner? Include a drinking game of course!
Five Awesome Shark Videos [VIDEO]
In honor of the kick off of Shark week here are five awesome shark related videos. Which one is the best? That’s for you to decide. Also we recommend you are watching especially right before you enter the ocean.
Warning: Some videos my be too graphic for the squeamish...
SharkNado Sequel In The Works; Confirmed [Update]
It's been nearly a week since SharkNado was a huge hit on social media with the SyFY Channel premiere of the movie. Since then, the internet has been a buzz about the horribly horrible B-movie and if there will be a sequel - We now have that answer.
Here Come the ‘Shark Week’ Memes
Finally, Shark Week is here! For some reason America has a fascination with the week-long Discovery channel brainchild. It’s a time to celebrate sharks, their lifestyle and a chance to act intelligent because we watched the Discovery Channel the night before.
The 25th Anniversary of Shark Week [VIDEO]
Get ready.. this week is shark week on Discovery Channel and if you can believe it, this is the 25th anniversary of shark week. It's a week dedicated solely to the shark.  Check out the shark week schedule of shows.

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