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How To Get Into Sex Toys Without Your Man Getting Paranoid
Last year, I wrote about the fear of sex toys—though I wouldn't call it fear, so much as insecurity. I didn't call it that because guys aren't insecure, dontcha know. And to be a man in today's society and admit there are things you're insecure about means you&apo…
A Thousand Dildos for Military Wives
Real Touch is looking to take a thousand of their Teledildonics to Afghanistan as part of a campaign called 'A Thousand Dildos for the Military Wives'.  The contraption is a internet connected sex toy that can allow families thousands of miles apart to be intimate.   The company is trying to get in …
Sex Toys Will Get You Twenty
We've all stole things, like a shot glass from the local bar.  So now meet Mitchell Tice.  A Florida Keys man, 40, who was arrested and charged with stealing a box of sex toys!