Selfish Needy Creatures

Anti-Selfie List To Fight Selfies With Selfies
America, Rock-A-Holics and Q103 listeners. Earlier today on the Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show there was a brief discussion about Selfies. I have my reservations about selfies, primarily because it is always the same type of people polluting social media with pointless images that no one rea…
How I Spent My Night at Q-Ruption
It was a long day at my "regular" job Friday, as I was anxious to get to the show and enjoy the people and music. After navigating the traffic on 787 to get to the sitter and drop off my daughter and then up to Saratoga and navigating the traffic at SPAC, I made it in alive!
Who Will Open Up Q-Ruption?
Find out tonight at Savannah’s on Pearl St. in Albany starting at 10pm. This is it man. It’s the finals for our ‘Play For The Stage’ competition. One of these 3 bands is going to play at SPAC next Friday and play with Godsmack, Five Finger Death …