Over 100 Million Effected by MyFitnessPal Data Breach
As reported by News 10 abc, Under Armour has just announced this week a data breach to 'MyFitnessPal' affecting about 150 million users.  For those who aren't familiar, MyFitnessPal is a smartphone App and website aimed at health.  From calorie-counting to exercise…
The HOPE Conference, ComiCon’s Tech Cousin – Tech Tuesday
The HOPE conference, also known as the Hackers On Planet Earth is a biennial conference held in New York City, and started in 1994. It's a place were Hackers from all over can gather and talk about anything security related or about new ideas they have to improve software or what have you. It&a…
Deleting Data Know How – Tech Tuesday
Recently, the hard drive in my iMac was showing the early signs of it failing. It was taking longer to start up, and shut down, as well as it taking forever for programs and files to open. The many things I tried to correct the problem didn't work, so I decided to replace it. But what about the data…
Germiest Parts Of Flying
We all take to the skies once in a while to get where we need to go.  To bad that we can't leave the germs behind.  The USA Today did a study on what parts of a plane have the most germs.

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