Doomsday Asteroid Officially Upgraded in Size
An asteroid that scientists said could threaten Earth’s atmosphere in 2036 is now believed to be substantially larger than previously stated. In fact, astronomers currently studying the dreaded, potential doomsday rock say asteroid 'Apophis' has officially been supersized b…
Human Hands Evolved For Fighting
Over the weekend there was a UFC fight on TV and PPV with UFC 155. I was enjoy the fight with several people when one of my friends stated she didn't mind the sport until it got "bloody and brutal." I guess some folks can't handle when a fight gets "too viol…
Reasons Why The World Isn’t Ending [Video]
There are some that are poking jokes at the thought of "the end", while others are prepping for it. With that in mind, I present to you facts that "The End" isn't happening. When I say facts, I mean I have NASA backing me up.

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