Netflix and Chill Or Chili Chowdown? You Must Decide
This Friday night, I know you have choices. For instance, there's a girl from work who you are constantly flirting with but you're too timid to take it to the next step. You want to hang out with her, but you're afraid she'll say no, or maybe you're just not sure what t…
Q103 Rock Girl Casting Call
Flounder will be at Philly Bar & Grill in Latham from 7-9pm, he will be looking for a girl, but not just any girl, Flounder is looking for Q103's Rock Girl!
Schenectady Teen Robs Church Of Root Beer
When you're making the decision to commit a crime, I've always been told to make it a big one, so it seems worth it when they finally catch you. This 17-year old from Schenectady does not share my thinking.
Early Saturday morning, St...
Mexican Radio Opens In Downtown Schenectady
If you've been in downtown Schenectady in the last few months, chances are you've seen the giant multi-colored building just across the street from the movie theater.
What is it? A new restaurant called Mexican Radio and it's opening the doors today (6/16).

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