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Time For Halloween Movies!
If you have not started watching Halloween movies already, today is the time to start, because Thursday is October 1st, and you will need the extra days, because there are a lot of Halloween movies, but what Halloween movie is your favorite?
Jake & Louie’s Job Interview [VIDEO]
Last week Jake and Louie came to Townsquare Media for a interview with me. After learning that Jake and Louie had never been to a radio station before, I decided to give them a tour of the building.
Top 5 Scary Halloween Movie Suggestions [VIDEOS]
It's a Saturday night, the wind is howling, shadows are long, and its one week before Halloween.  A perfect night to close the curtains, grab some popcorn and watch those scary movies that raise the hair on your back. As a fan of horror movies, I put together a few suggestions of movies th…