sarah palin

Where’s Sarah?
We found Osama, we're still looking for Waldo and Carmen Sandeigo now let's add Sarah Palin to that list.   She is currently taking a bus tour across America stopping at historic places along the way and adding speculation she might be running for president.
Least Desirable Women 2011
We talk about the hottest, smartest and most talented women all the time.  So who are the women that we would not want anything to do with?
Tracy Morgan On Sarah Palin–Funny Or Offensive?
What do you think? Is this too much for a pre-game show? Watch the video from TNT's Inside The NBA and decide for yourself. As a DJ at a rock station (where some people just refer to us as guys that tell d*ck jokes) it feels kind of funny saying this,
Sarah Palin Pulls A Sprewell
Sarah Palin is the outdoorsy type and loves to hunt but recently she said it was necessary to "feed her family".  You'll roll over laughing when you hear how much her hunting trips end up costing.