Sarah Michelle Gellar

Sexiest Female Superheroes
Normally ol' Monte isn't a big comic book fan.  I do, however, love me some pretty ladies.  After checking out photos on-line of Anne Hathaway for several hours today, I must say, I would take Cat Woman out for a cup of tea. Check out some of the hottest female superheroes!
Hottest Women in Horror Films [VIDEO]
Now that October is underway, it's time we start thinking about one of my favorite days of the year- Halloween!  What's not to love? Candy, hot women dressing up and horror films.  I thought I would put together a list of the hottest women in a horror films!
Monte’s Hottest Girls of the 90’s Now
Don't lie, back about a decade or two ago you had your eyes glued to the TV show, Married With Children, for one reason and one reason only:  Kelly Bundy.  Easily the hottest girl on TV.  That got ol' Monte's hampster wheel turning.  What do all of my child hood ch…