Santa Claus

Snoop Lion Takes on Santa in Epic Rap Battle
When Santa found out he was going up against Snoop Dogg, er, Snoop Lion in a rap battle, did he soil his red, velvety pants? Snoop Lion agreed to an 'Epic Rap Battle of History,' donned a robe, and played the part of Moses for this video.
See Over 800 Santas Running in Germany
Roughly 800 people put on Santa costumes for the Fourth Annual Michendorf Santa Run in Michendorf, Germany. The race is sponsored by Laufclub Michendorf (which translated means Michendorf Running Club, imagine that) and is 10 kilometers long. You can't quite tell from these pictures, but it actually…
12 Santas Who Might Be Drunk
Even though Santa has an awesome job, it can be super stressful at times. Sure he's a jolly ol' guy who gives out presents for a living, but when Christmas Eve rolls around, things can get really tricky. If you think about it, the guy has to pull off delivering like, millions and millions of present…
Ten Reasons Why Santa Is Creepy
There are many things about a jolly fat man covered in stranger’s kids that rubs me the wrong way, however I’ve compiled a list of just 10. Here are the ten reasons why I think Santa is absolutely creepy.
Musical Breaks Out Near Mall Santa [VIDEO]
Imagine being in the mall doing your Christmas shopping then all of a sudden you hear music start, and an impromptu musical starts to break out.  That would be quite surprising.  That is what happened while people were waiting in line to see this mall Santa.
Parents Drop Their Guard For Santa Claus
In a world where it has become so apparent that child abuse exists and a parents trust levels of strangers for their children is at an all time low, some traditions help us forget and enjoy the holiday season. Now, I’m not saying it is creepy as much as it is nice for parents to let …