New Law Allows for Gun Removal from Domestic Violence Abusers
As reported by News Channel 13, a new law passed this weekend allows for the removal of guns from abusers in domestic violence cases.  According to News Channel 13, the law was announced with heavy dialogue from Governor Cuomo about the murder rate of women by domestic violence, and a…
Firework Fails And How To Avoid Them (Video)
4th of July weekend is this weekend and people are already celebrating because Americans love blowing things up so much that they can't wait, but fireworks are dangerous, this blog is to remind you of that unfortunate fact.
What Is The Worst Road In The Capital Region? (VIDEO)
Driving in the snow is dangerous and can be very scary: what is the worst road to be driving on when it snows in the Capital Region?
In my opinion, the worst road in the Capital Region to be driving on in the snow is Thompson Street in Troy because of the long steep hill...
It’s National Condom Week/Month!
Valentine's Day is fast approaching and whether you're going on a first date or not it's likely the romance will last all night and maybe even into the morning. Before you enjoy yourself, you have to protect yourself and all this week and month is National Condom Week so prepare yours…
Grenade Found At Albany Area Goodwill Store
Colonie police responded to the Central Avenue Goodwill Store Saturday afternoon after a pair of grenades were reportedly found in the store.
If you were around the area of Central Avenue and Fuller Road in Colonie on Saturday afternoon, at about 1:30 p.m., you may have seen some police cars and seve…

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