The Glad Game
A lot of people are very upset and frightened today because of the Presidential Election so I thought it would be a good idea to play the Glad Game like Stewie Griffin did in that episode of Family Guy, I'll start.
L-Kens In Colonie Torn Down
Another symbol of my childhood is gone. Sure the building was vacant for years, but every time I drove by the old L-Kens I could still taste the sausage (no pun intended).
One More Time! Stupid Qpid! (VIDEO)
The deadline is today at noon! get to and sign up to win something for your valentine, because everybody loves a winner!
This is the last time that I can post this video, because after noon today it will no longer be relevant, but don't worry, there is plenty of Dan America and St…
Smash Mouth Kind Of Lives Up To Their Name (Video)
Just in case you forgot about the band Smash Mouth, recently the lead singer got really upset and flipped out on stage, because someone through bread at him. So he showed the world his potty mouth and his temper, and the world kind of noticed.
Breakdown And It’s Not Alright
In 2005 while attempting to drive home from Hudson Valley Community College, I accidentally caused a traffic jam on Menands Rd, I backed up traffic from Loudonville to Troy.

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