Do 30 Squats For Free Subway Rides In Russia
If you can do 30 squats you can ride the subway for free in Russia.  30 squats, what’s the point of even taking the sub way? If I’m going to do some aerobic exercising why not it do in the direction of which I am traveling.
Bloodhound Gang Gets Beat Up And Banned From Russia
Doing something to get banned from a foreign country isn't the best idea in the first place. Doing something that will get you banned from Russia where the nation leader is known for  stealing a ring because he could "use it to kill someone with it" is in a completel…
12 Year Old Goes On Theft Fueled Hooker Binge, Like It’s No Big Deal
What were you doing when you were 12? Hanging, playing video games? Me? I was figuring out how to make 'it' work, you know what I mean? Maybe I took a ride on my bike searching for a place to hang with my buds, maybe try something new, you know, like talk to chicks? This kid in Russia thou…
Fireball in Florida Sky
From Russia to Florida and some places in between. Sightings of meteors have been seen allover. First big news came from Russia when a meteor raced over Russian soil. Then a day later a video of a meteor flying over San Francisco popped up ...

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