Driver Pushes Cop Car Off the Road in Russia [Video]
Ah yes, Mother Russia. She never disappoints.
As we've learned, every car in Russia is required to have a dashcam because of the ridiculous amount of insurance fraud that is attempted every year. These cameras are a way to curb that, and an added side benefit is videos like this.
Watch as a car p…
Why Are There So Many Russian Dash Cam Videos?
I guess the better question to ask is: Why does it seem like every car in Russia is equipped with a dash-cam? I have to be honest, the answer is not surprising at all. And yes, maybe I'm the only asking it, but, I'm asking and here's the answer.
Drunk Russians Drag Their Friend Home By His Legs
Ever have one of those knockdown, dragged out drunken night? How did it end? Did you wake up in your friends bathroom hugging the toilet? How did you get home?
Hopefully it didn't end like this poor fella in Russia. Instead of getting a cab or even a shopping cart to get home, these fine gents d…
That’s One Way To Move Your Car [Video]
God bless the Russians and their dashboard cameras. We've seen some crazy videos hit the net over the years. From road rage incidents that result in shovel attacks to the greatest non-road rage road rage act.
This latest entry in to the wonderful weird world of Russian motor vehicles comes to us from…

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