Do You Like Robots? [Video]
I like robots, I want a robot, if I had a robot I would program it to laugh at my jokes. I would program it to create it's own facebook account and tell all of its robot friends to laugh at my jokes. I will be the worlds first 'Comedian for Robots' then we will take over the world.
Man vs Machine
Early this morning on the Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show there was a heated debate about the possibility of robots evolving to the point of no longer needing humans to exist.
Does Anyone Else Hate This Air Hockey Robot? [VIDEO]
Is this robot for real? Does this robot think he’s some sort of hot shot or something? Because if that’s the case I think I need to bring him back down to earth. Air hockey is my game and I won’t have some Wall-E Johnny five stinky robot claiming my th…
The 10 Best Robots in Pop Culture
Sadly, Matt Groening's long-running cartoon 'Futurama' was canceled earlier this week after seven seasons and 140 episodes on two different networks. Yes, we'll miss Fry, Leela and the rest of the crew, but we'll miss Bender, the acerbic, cigar-chomping robot, the most. But it's not all bad news -- …
Robotic Apocalypse Is Happening Sooner Then We Thought
Terminator, the epic sci-fi movie series, depicts the Robotic Apocalypse known as "Judgement Day" where the machines rise up and overthrow the human race to start a war of man vs. it's creation. Though just a movie, it does raise some concerns of "what if" an…

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