Do You Like Robots? [Video]
I like robots, I want a robot, if I had a robot I would program it to laugh at my jokes. I would program it to create it's own facebook account and tell all of its robot friends to laugh at my jokes. I will be the worlds first 'Comedian for Robots' then we will take over the world.
Soccer Player Versus Japanese Robot Goalie [Video]
Scoring on seven of eight tries for a soccer goal with only a robotic goalie that can sway side to side to block the ball should be easy, right?
All you need to do is kick the ball anywhere but the center of the goal.
However, on this crazy Japanese game show, this player, Argentina great Lionel Messi…
‘Petman’ The Humanoid Robot [VIDEO+POLL]
Well Happy Monday! Ready to be creeped right the f--- out?  And yes, this is straight out of a movie. I'd like to welcome 'Petman' to the world. See, Petman is a humanoid robot developed by our friends at Boston Dynamics. Petman is certainly lifelike, and wears camo as well as an…
Robot To Throw Out First Pitch
A robot will throw out the ceremonial first pitch before Wednesday afternoon's game between the Philadelphia Phillies and the Milwaukee Brewers.