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Do You Like Robots? [Video]
I like robots, I want a robot, if I had a robot I would program it to laugh at my jokes. I would program it to create it's own facebook account and tell all of its robot friends to laugh at my jokes. I will be the worlds first 'Comedian for Robots' then we will take over the world.
Tech Thursday – C-3P0 Drafted by The Military?
When the military goes to a foreign country, because of war or just to help, they need to speak the language. And training troops on a large scale is expensive and in most cases impractical. So they needed a solution, and like many others, they found it in science fiction.
Necessity is the Mother of Invention.
I'm a geek and that means I love tech and gadgets! Here's a well thought out, designed and crafted tool for the beer drinker. A beer fridge with a launcher to get you, your cold beer quick! It's called, The Beer Robot.