On this episode of The Generation X Files, Rock Girl Tatiana and Rodney B. More go head to head with me Dan America as I define and attack the IMMA BE / WANNA BE/ LOOK AT ME / Millennials.
It’s National Make Fun Of A Patriots Fan Day! (VIDEO)
The New England Patriots, lost the AFC Championship game, to the Denver Broncos, I would like to repeat that. The New England Patriots, lost the AFC Championship game, to the Denver Broncos.
New England Patriots fans, are annoying, most of them jumped on the bandwagon between 2001 and 2004, the same …
Today Dan America Turns Old (Video NSFW)
I share my birthday with Fidel Castro and Alfred Hitchcock, the number 13 is very unlucky though, it's probably why it is also Danny Bonaduce's birthday, it's also International left-handed day.
The Roast of Justin Bieber?
As if Q103 listeners don't do this on a daily basis already, Comedy Central has announced that their next roast will be the roast of Justin Bieber. The news is still fresh and there are a lot of questions, like: is this a publicity stunt? Do I even care? Will this blow up in Comedy Central&apos…
Dan America: American, Instigator, Lions Fan….(NSFW Language)
I have no shame in admitting that I intentionally post things about the Patriots because I know the attention it will get. This is New York, Giants/Bills/Jets country and some Patriots fans have trickled down from Mass, Rhode Island and where ever else cheating is acceptable. However! You have all b…
Comedy Central Announces Full Roster of Charlie Sheen Roasters
We now know the names of all ten roasters who will be tossing barbs about wizards, winning and giant rocks of crack cocaine at Charlie Sheen during his Comedy Central roast that will air on September 19.
In addition to roast master Seth McFarlane, William Shatner, Steve-O, Jon Lovitz, Mike Tyson, act…
Situation Bombs At Trump Roast
It was painful to watch Mike "The Situation" Sorentino try and do jokes on last nights Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump.  You could hear crickets while he was talking and at one point they panned the crowd to see rapper Ice T with mouth wide open in amazement of his lack o…